Friday, November 22, 2013

Some little finishes

You know what a pile of yarn pieces mean… I actually finished something! In this case 2 things.

First was a pair of booties for the little guy. I'd link to the pattern but I butchered it so much since the biggest size didn't fit his feet. It ended up being more of a guide to my own creation.

Lifted his pant legs to see them (and his adorable chubby legs).

Slightly better picture in better light. One stayed on well, the other he was able to get off pretty quick so I decided to add cuffs.

Ta-da. Booties that stay on!

"I think I can still get them off, Mama." 
I hope to make a few more pairs for him but I'll be experimenting with different patterns.

Also finished a little owl stuffy for a niece.

The little guy likes it too.


Back. I don't know why the picture turned. Maybe I'll turn it later. Or maybe not.

"Can I keep it, Mama?"
I might have to make a second one. 

Separated the sleeves from the body yesterday for the cardigan for me. I find it easier to make things for others when I also have something on the needles for me.

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