Thursday, June 7, 2012

Birthdays, buttons and a book

Here's my daughter with the new cardigan and hat I made her for her 10th birthday last Friday. She loves them and has worn at least one of them almost everyday since. I was very relieved to see that the cardigan fit. I might knit it again for some of her cousins.

Close-up of the hat. 

Last Thursday I took this beautiful dress that my daughter has worn for the past two years and cut it up. 

There was so much material in the skirt that I was able to make 2 skirts. One for her and one for her cousin who has a birthday next week. I added the ribbon from the waist to the bottom. Need to add ribbon to the bottom of the one for my niece. The top skirt is another skirt I made for one of her old dresses. When I gave my daughter a new dress for her birthday, the first comment she made was that it would make a great skirt once it became to short for her to wear as a dress. I really like reusing her clothes this way. When we lived closer to cousins I would pass down most of her clothes. It's been nice to change her dresses into skirts the last couple years so she gets a bit more wear out of them. 

The skirt for my niece is inside this bag. I crocheted this in just a couple days and used the beads I had left over from the skull cap.

Might have to make this one again, too. Great free pattern on ravelry. Only annoying part was pushing the 380 beads down the yarn as I worked.

Went to Michael's last week and found some buttons they were getting rid of. Need to finish up some projects soon as my button container is getting full.

I've also been reading this book. It's over 500 pages and I am about half way through. It's been an interesting read. I'm at her silver jubilee in the book. It was nice to see pictures from her diamond jubilee celebrations this weekend and appreciate a  bit more what she has accomplished in her life. It will be a long time before there is another monarch that reigns as long, and as well, as she has.

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