Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Couple more finishes and WIP's

Finished my husband's sock. Going to make him one more but in a different pattern. He usually wears mismatched socks.

When I got the sock out yesterday I discovered that all the stitches on needle 3 had fallen off. I did my best to save them (while in the van) but got these funky looking stitches. Sorry for the bad lighting in these photos. It was 9 pm, in a hotel room with very little natural light or nice background options.

Finished this skirt for my niece's 3rd birthday next week.

Finally have all the pieces done for this skirt, including the very long I-cord. Just need to put it together. This is a Christmas present for a different niece.

I also brought this cardigan along to finish, which I don't think I have shared on the blog yet. I made it in my size  and I am hopeful that it will fit. I had finished the body of it before we left on our trip. It is crocheted.

I finished the first sleeve today. I was 2/3's done. Also did the ribbing at the wrist, as well. Might piece these 2 pieces together to give me motivation to complete the second sleeve. The pattern also calls for a hood and zipper.

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