Sunday, June 5, 2011

In Progress

I was able to get a bit more of this quilted before we moved. Lucky for me, this project, ufo #8 on my list was the one picked for June. Since I wanted to get this done before we leave for Canada - in 2 weeks! - I'm glad it got picked by Judy. I did loops in green thread on the green, white lines on the cream and of course you can't see what I did on the blue.

The center panel is now completely quilted. I bought thread to finish it and now just need to find the time.

Back of the quilt. You can see the leaf pattern I did on the blue fabric. All free hand. I find if I try to draw my design first it never turns out. I guess I can draw with a needle and not with a pencil.

And since I finished 2 shawls (see previous post) it was time to start another. This is another gift and is made with a wool mix. It is going to be a nice warm shawl for winter. I may have to make one for myself. It is a very easy knit. Do stockinette for 11 rows, then knit a row. Repeat adding 4 increases every odd row. A nice mindless knit to work on while moving and unpacking.

Close-up. So far I have repeated the pattern 7 times. Aiming for 12 and then do the final border, but that will depend on how much yarn I have. This shawl is called the Boneyard Shawl and the pattern can be found here.

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