Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Surprises!

We decorated the house for the holidays yesterday and I came across some quilted goodies that I hadn't completely forgotten about. This is a little quilt my sister and I worked on together. It was a round robin but we only exchanged it once. I did the middle bow-tie wreath, she did the first border and I added the outside border. I took the curtain down from the window in front of my quilt table and hung the quilt there.

My early attempts at free-motion quilting. This was probably done in 2004. I did free-motion in the wreath and then free handed the holly in the corners. I think it was with this project I began to accept I did better if I didn't mark my designs on the quilt. I don't draw well with a pencil but with a needle I seem to do okay.

I had forgotten about this "table runner". The blocks were suppose to be part of a quilt I worked on last year which introduced me to paper piecing. However when they were all done I didn't really like it and decided to keep the blocks I liked and turned them into this table runner. Unforunately it doesn't really fit my table, coffee table or the back of the piano. What am I going to do with it? Perhaps I will have to give it away.

Here is a closer look at the first part...

... the middle...

... and the other end.

Here's another forgotten goodie. My sister made me this quilt (10 years ago?). This was the only quilt that hung in our house for the longest time - year round of course. I have now made enough quilts that he gets to have a rest every once in a while.

I can remember insisting that he have a broom. It might need to get replaced soon. One too many moves.

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