Friday, December 18, 2009

Fairy Quilts

Here is my daughter with a little bag she whipped up on my sewing machine tonight. She had a couple little gifts she wanted to make. This bag is going to a cousin (who is hopefully not reading this). So, what's inside the bag?

Fairy Quilts! She bought a bag of squares at the quilt guild's garage sale a couple years ago. She has used the fabric to make herself a toothfairy pillow and some other things. They are about 2 inches square. We just made a quilt sandwich and didn't bother to bind them since they are so little. These will help keep some of the fairies warm up north.

These three fairy quilts are being given to some local fairies at my son's preschool.

This one is for the tooth fairy who made a visit here this week - tooth #8!
I think the fairy quilts are adorable and it was nice to give her a simple project she could do by herself. She had a lot of fun making them and was very proud of herself.

So, how are my projects going? I got some more gift bags done, a doll quilt that is being given away to a needy family (along with a doll) and bags for my daughter and a cousin. I also made my son a badge scarf for his skating badges since he earned his first badge today. It isn't very straight at the top, since it was a rushed job, (I have already wrapped it and put it under the tree) but he picked the fabric so I know he will like it.

My fabric pile has migrated to the back of the couch. Only temporarily though as I organize projects by priority and what I am willing to take with me to finish on vacation. I'll take pictures of finished projects tomorrow as right now I am enjoying a small glass of wine and watching a little tv before bed.

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  1. Now look, I get to stop by and visit and see your darling daughter. We live in the woods and we would leave notes for our fairies and they would read them and leave us flowers. I wish we had made quilts for our faries, yours are very lucky!


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