Wednesday, June 14, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Another week has flown by and I did make a lot of progress on a couple projects, but forgot to take pictures along the way. Now they're at a step that is kind of hard to take pictures of but I still wanted to share.

Bamptom shawl is blocked! Took the blocking wires and pins out about an hour ago. Still need to do it's final, modeled shoot but I had to share how lovely the lace looks after blocking. Totally worth it. 

The knitting project I've been focused on this week has been my Salita shrug. I have three things waiting to be cast on that have to wait until this is finished. Because when you finish one thing, casting on three new ones makes sense. Except two of them require the same size needle. Anyway, back to the Salita shrug - I am 57 rows away from being finished! Not too worried yet that I will run out of yarn, although my daughter thinks I will. We'll see.

Had to add another close-up of the lace. This is going to be amazing after blocking, as well.

And here is a terrible picture of what I have been focusing on most of this week. Monday, I pieced all 70 Scrappy Bento Box blocks into two twin size quilts (they finish at 60 x 84). Did I take a picture of the finished quilt tops? Nope. Tuesday, I ironed and pieced fabric to make the backs and then pieced batting for one of them. I had a big enough piece for the other. Then I basted both quilts (with too much help from my four year old) and rolled them up to await quilting. Which I hope to start tomorrow. Fingers crossed I should have one finished next week to share. I'd like both done by the end of the month so I can give them to my mom when I see her in a couple weeks. She will be donating them to charity.

And my yarn for July's Camp Loopy arrived this week. Plus a little but extra. This isn't all of it. I bought a sweater's quantity in the green AND the black. The green will be my July project and will become an Old Growth cardigan (a birthday present for my best friend). The black will become a Harvest cardigan (a Christmas present). I wasn't sure which one I wanted to tackle for July so I bought yarn for both. The variegated yarn on the right is the special Camp Loopy yarn and I will be knitting it into another Prairie Hills shawl for myself (I test knit this shawl last year and have been waiting for the right yarn to make another).  My kids are looking forward to the winding party for all this yarn. This is their last week of school and winding all 13 hanks should keep us busy for a little bit once they are home all day, every day.

What have you been working on this week?

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