Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Finish - June Camp Loopy Project

One beautiful finish to share today. I finished my Camp Loopy project for June fairly quickly, and am now trying to finish up some other WIP's so I can focus on July's (I must be crazy to knit an adult cardigan in a month). Anyway, here are some pictures of my finished Bamptom Shawl.

I used all the yarn (535 yards), so I was able to add a couple extra repeats to the shawl. Pattern calls for 6 repeats + 11 rows. I did 8 repeats + 5 rows. Glad I had enough yarn to make it bigger. Yarn used is a gradient set, found here. Ended up super soft after blocking. This is a Christmas gift for someone special.

Drapes nicely around the shoulders. My photographer (daughter) didn't mention it wasn't flat and I couldn't tell until I downloaded the pictures to the computer. Oh well, still looks nice.

Wrapped around. 

Lovely lace.

More lovely lace.

Now to wind my yarn for the Old Growth cardigan so I'm ready for July.

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