Friday, April 7, 2017

A Knitted Finish - The Cocoa Cardigan

Finished knitting my Cocoa Cardigan about two weeks ago. I love it and have worn it a lot. I probably could have gone down a size as it feels a little bulky when sitting but standing it's perfect. I like the extra space to move around and I'm not constantly readjusting it.

I had to alter the cardigan a little bit after finishing. I picked up the required number of stitches for my button/ buttonhole bands but there were too many stitches, causing it to be really wavy. I ripped out the buttonhole band and redid with the number of stitches for the smallest size. It was only 7 fewer stitches but it made a big difference. I didn't redo the button band so it is still a bit wavy. Might redo it someday but it's good enough for now. ( Ugh, I didn't know the bottom button was undone until I loaded the pictures to the blog. It stays done up when I wear it, I just forgot to do it for the pictures.)

There is slight waist shaping but it's definitely not fitted.

A closer look at the yoke. I forgot to ask my daughter to take a picture of the collar edge which I had to fix. The neck opening was too wide (for me). Luckily, I have some serious crochet skills and knew how to make it smaller. I did one round of single crochets all the way around the collar, decreasing every once in a while. I really didn't keep track. The second round I was more consistent. I did 6 single crochets, then a decrease. I did a third round of slip stitches to give it a finished look. It's not really noticeable but did the trick to make the neck opening the right size for me.

Each cuff has four buttons. I really doubted this part of the design and almost ripped back and knit ribbing instead (no buttons) but I've come to really like the cuffs. I can pull them up easily to wash my hands or check my watch for the time.  Glad I kept to the original design.
Yarn used is Cascade Venzina Worsted in the Denim colourway. I originally bought mine on clearance at The Yarn Underground in Idaho but they don't seem to sell yarn online. You can find it on Craftsy, here or elsewhere.

And this lovely yarn arrived this week - Walla Walla by Into the Whirled. It will be made into a Duvessa. A KAL for the shawlette starts today. Time for me to go cast-on.

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