Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Casting on all the things

There are several new WIP's this week as crazy me decided not to finish anything before I cast on a few new projects. 

My desk is crazy. I've been doing most of my knitting here and I move from project to project. Let's see if I can identify the chaos. The green yarn is for a shawl I am test-knitting. Don't know why I said yes as it needs to be finished by December 4th. I started it with a different yarn but didn't like how it looked so I am starting over with the green yarn. The light blue across the top is my Beacon Hill cardigan becoming yarn cakes again. I bit the bullet and started frogging it. It's taken almost all of my patience to unweave the ends. The black blob at the bottom is a super bulky cardigan I cast on for myself for some unknown reason. This yarn had been a bulky sweater that I never wore. I'm hoping I'll like it more as a cardigan. Who knows. And the teal on the right is my older son's Christmas sweater. Another Side Squiggles to match the one I knit Floyd this summer.

Here's a closer look at the Side Squiggles sweater. The pocket is hanging down in the picture above.

And here it is up. I have about 10 more rows before I join the pocket to the sweater. 

A slightly closer look at the super bulky cardigan, Camille. The model on the cover of the magazine seems to like it.

And some sad WIP's that are still hanging around, is this second sock that sits near me everyday, ignored.

And the boomerang shawl that got forgotten while I worked on the Mystery KAL shawl.

Speaking of the Mystery KAL shawl. It and the Bradway shawl are dry and waiting for their pretty pictures to be taken to share on Friday.

What have you been working on this week? Have you had a case of startitis this week, too?

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