Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Finishes - 3 Shawls!

Hope everyone who celebrates had a good Thanksgiving yesterday. And I hope to do a little shopping today, then I'll be watching Gilmore Girls with my daughter. Very excited! 

Anyway, I'm finally getting around to posting these shawls today. They have been finished for a while but getting modeled pictures taken just kept being forgotten. Let's get to it.

Flower Garden shawl. Pattern by Jen Lucas of Knitting Like Crazy. I picked this yarn (knit picks Stroll sock yarn in the Forest Heather colourway) and pattern the night my mom called to say she had lung cancer. We now know it wasn't cancer but a slightly rare infection but she still had part of her lung removed last month- which helped with the clear diagnosis and saved her from endless tests while they tried to figure it out. She will now be taking medication for four months to try and kill the infection completely. I knew I wanted to knit her something that would stay on her shoulders while she rested, watched tv or read. I've had it finished for a while but didn't want to post it until she received it. I'm actually wearing a tank top and shorts in the modeled photos.

It's nice and light, but provides that extra bit of warmth you sometimes need when your upper half is covered by the warmth of a quilt on the couch.

Sits nicely on the shoulders. I still need a picture of my mom using it.

Nice, simple pattern was quick to knit up. Think it would be fun in a worsted weight yarn. Then it would be perfect for sitting outside on cool evenings.

Close-up of the flower border detail.

Bradway shawl. Pattern by Shannon of Very Shannon. A worsted weight shawl, it is so warm and comfy. It will be hard to put this one under the tree for somebody else next month, but I will. Can you tell I have plans to make myself a nice, warm, worsted weight shawl soon? Once the Christmas knitting is complete... one is going on the needles for me.

It was really cold when we took these pictures.

So warm! Love it.

I haven't taken measurements but the shawl is huge. 

Love the colours. Yarn is Cascade 220 but I don't know which colours. I thought I bought them at The Loopy Ewe but I can't find them in my order history. I was a little unsure about using two dark colours but I was trying to use stash and not buy yarn. I think the blue/teal really helps. I added a few extra garter rows in the last section since I was trying to use up all the yarn and I wanted the shawl to have more colour. I then knit one brown row before binding off with the brown. Think the dark colour on the edge really helped define it.

A texture pic.

And last, but certainly not least. Another shawl designed by Jen. This was her MKAL this fall. I don't think the shawl has an official name yet. I ended up making a few mods to this pattern since the one clue was causing me a lot of trouble. Go here to see what the shawl is actually suppose to look like. I think I like mine better.

All wrapped up.

Ended up being a fairly long shawl.

Detail shot. Even with aggressive blocking, my points didn't stay pointy. Got an almost ruffley edge which is okay. Wish they had stayed a little pointy.

Have you finished anything this week? I have a quilt to share next week and I'm close to finishing several other projects. Guess I better go watch some Gilmore Girls and get them done.

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