Friday, September 2, 2016

A Friday Finish - Quilt Top

     After several hours of piecing yesterday, I have a finished quilt top to share today. A fun, scrappy project I was inspired to make after seeing photos of my sister's on her blog and instagram. Pattern was Patchwork Olympics and was meant to be made during the Olympics. I joined late and then changed the pattern to make it bigger. The original was 48 x 60 and used 1.5 inch squares for some of the blocks. I had 4.5 and 2.5 inch squares cut and ready to be used but I really didn't want to cut hundreds of little squares. I also wanted the quilt to be twin size, since this quilt will be going to a charity that prefers that size. I had to cut more 4.5 inch squares when I decided to make the quilt bigger. Lucky for me, I had a bunch of charm squares leftover from several different charm packs that I trimmed down and used.  Mine finishes at 64 x 80. 

     Finished quilt top. Took this picture, standing between houses to try and block the wind. You can see, instead of using the 1.5 inch squares for the bottom right corner, I added more 2.5 squares in the middle and then put 4.5 inch squares on the other side. Doesn't have the same effect as the original but I still like it. And it used up a lot of scraps.

Tried to take a picture in the backyard but the wind kept taking it away. 

Linking up at Crazy Mom Quilt for Finish It Up Friday!
I also basted 3 quilts yesterday, so maybe I'll have a finished quilt to share next week.


  1. Very pretty, looks like a good way to use up scraps

    1. Thank you. It was. I need to cut some more.

  2. You made it yours! So what if it doesn't look like the pattern. It looks great!


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