Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Finished Knit - Any Way You Want It shawl

     When we were away visiting family a couple weeks ago, I was able to finish my Any Way You Want It shawl. When I started, I thought the yarn was mainly purple with hints of yellow. There ended up being more yellow than I would have liked but I continued on. I did several extra rows at the end as I didn't want any yarn leftover. I might have knit an extra 10 or more rows. Only added another inch or two to the shawl width, which was fine with me.  Yarn is Stitch Please, Sapphire Label in the Rule the Night Colorway. Bought at Stix and Stones.

     Here are the few pictures we took after I blocked it once we returned home. It's a little hot to wear it now but I'm looking forward to wearing it in a few months.

I didn't measure but it ended up being very long. 

But I like that it's long and can wrap around my neck several times.

The lace is a little lost but still a nice detail.


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