Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Some small knitted finishes and other stuff

Finished the pair of mukluks for the little guy. Still need to add a sole but I can do that later.

Pattern is by TinCanKnits and is great. I hope to make a few more of these over the summer to use in the fall.

Here they are in action. A little big, which is what I wanted.

And he has a hard time getting them off. I don't think he ever actually did. I took them off before he got really mad at them.

Cute little feet and legs staying warm.

And another picture just because.

After completing the cardigan for my daughter, blanket for my son and socks for my sister I needed to do a little selfish knitting. I cast on this cowl last Tuesday and finished it within in a few days. Yes, it is beaded but only because the yarn is hand-wash. My mom bought it for me for Christmas a couple years ago. It's baby llama and very soft. I still need to block it which might change the look of the yarn. I have a little bit leftover but I don't know what I'm going to do with that yet.

Not a great picture but here it is.

Woke up to a few inches of snow on the ground this morning. I was wearing sandals last week but the hand knits were on this morning. Little guy doesn't look too happy about it.

Look mom! It's your cardigan. I figured out where I left off and knit 4 rows last night. Every right side row needs the cable needle which means I can only work on this when the baby is sleeping.

And I played with fabric this week. These stacks have since been ironed and cut for a secret project. Not sure how much more I'll show here but it's nice to touch and play with fabric again. Now it's time to dust off the sewing machine and put some blocks together.

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