Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Knitting post with a finish!

I've struggled with balancing blogging with Olympics with the rest of my life this past week. I've discovered that trying to get household things done during the day and watching Olympics at night leaves no time for blogging. I don't seem to be in a blogging frame of mind in the evening, I guess I prefer to do it during the day. So here's what I've been up to, knitting wise, since the last blog post.

I finished my son's sweater on Valentine's day. He's thrilled to have a sweater just like the little guy's and reminded me on Saturday morning that they were both supposed to wear their sweaters.

A little short in the arms and it probably would have fit better if I had finished it for Christmas like I was supposed to. He doesn't care though.  And he loves having a hood.

My sister's birthday is in less than a week and she wanted a pair of socks. I finally cast them on last week when I needed a break from finishing up the sweater. I bought this yarn at JoAnn's when they were clearing out this colour. I've never used this brand of yarn for socks before so I hope they turn out well. I decided to do toe-up socks so I can just keep going until I think they're long enough or I run out of yarn.

Turned the heel this weekend with plenty of yarn leftover for the leg. I have a second ball for the second sock. They won't be done for Sunday but I don't think she'll care as long as she gets them. Right, Sarah?

Worked on the Zuzu's petals cowl last night and was three and a half rows from finishing when the baby woke up. Trying to finish it today, then I can block and wear it. Can't wait. Finishing up WIP's is my Olympics goal, although I didn't join any group on ravelry officially. After this is my daughter's cardigan. Need to finish the first sleeve, do the second, then the button bands and collar. It's bulky yarn so I am hoping it finishes up fast.

I did buy a bit of yarn this weekend. Planning on crocheting something for the little guy. This is also bulky yarn so it should stitch up quick. Or at least I hope it does.

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