Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Socks, books and some other stuff

Finished the first Waving Lace sock.

Turned out to be an easy pattern to memorize.

Close-up. So pretty.

I started the second sock before I forgot the pattern. Done the leg and heel, just need to do the gusset and foot.

When I needed a break from the lace, I started a little pair of socks for me. Using yarn leftover from the Creekwood shawl. I have several little skeins of leftover yarn from socks that I hope to make several pairs of these.

Ordered 2 knitting books for myself. The Sock-Yarn Shawls book is by Jen Lucas of Knitting Like Crazy. I've done several of her patterns, including the Creekwood shawl and the faux cable socks. It was nice to support a designer I'm familiar with.

Jen is hosting a knit-along to go along with her book. All you have to do is knit one of the shawls from the book between February 11th and March 22nd and post a picture of the finished shawl in the ravelry group. I decided to do the Herbstwald shawl. I was able to knit the set up rows and the first repeat of chart A while "watching" the State of the Union last night. Lovely.

I crocheted this little bag in a day last week. Every November my father collects coats at his church and then gives them away to those who need them. This year, someone left a bag of yarn and he brought it home for me. Most of the yarn didn't have labels so I assume most of it is acrylic. These four yarns seemed to be the same and went well together. I started at the bottom and crocheted until I ran out of yarn and added the next ball. I used this pattern. This picture shows the colours the best.

Looking inside.

Hope this shows how small it is. Will probably go to a child. Not sure who yet. 

I haven't done much writing but I've been doing a little reading about writing. Although I don't have have ADHD I found the ADHD book helpful with tips on how to organize my time. With our little one coming in 11 weeks, I need to start thinking what the rest of this year will look like for writing time. "The Writer's Compass" explains a way of organizing a story in seven steps which should be helpful for when I will only have nap times and other short breaks to get anything done. Part of me feels like I should be writing now but I won't have time to do much reading after the baby. And my brain just doesn't feel up to juggling the details of a story right now anyway. Which is probably why I checked out 2 novels and a knitting book from the library today.

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