Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Knits in Progress

Here's what I have on the needles this week... so far.
I cast on the second anklet sock for myself. I finished the heel and am now doing the decreases. This should be done by the end of the week. If I can remain focused.

The Ditto cardigan is coming along. Added just over 20 rows since the last time I showed a picture. No hurry in getting this done, just working on it when I want something mindless to knit. 

Making good progress on the Herbstwald shawl. Did the 3 repeats of chart A that the pattern calls for but think I might do one more since I have plenty of yarn. 

And for some reason I cast on another shawl. This is from the same book as the Herbstwald shawl but is more crescent shape. Called Labyrinth, it will only be about 13 inches deep but long like a scarf. I won this yarn a year ago for participating in a sock KAL by Jen and wanted to use the yarn with one of her patterns. I think this pattern will really show the beauty of the yarn. I have done one repeat of chart A so far with 3 more to go. Then just the border will be left. Should be a nice quick knit - for a shawl.

After realizing all the above projects were for me, I knew I had to start something for someone else. I went through the list of baby patterns yesterday and decided on priority. Today I got out the pattern and yarn for the first one. A newborn cardigan and hat. Since I took this picture this morning I've already completed 15 rows of the cardigan. Looking forward to completing some more baby projects - he's due in 10 weeks!

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