Friday, October 26, 2012

On the Needles Friday

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for On The Needles Friday. I missed linking up all of September, but did a post earlier this week with some knitted finishes, which you can see here. Today I'm including 2 works in progress. I have a few more finishes to share but I think I will save those for next Friday when I hope to have at least one, if not both of the following projects finished.
I am finally getting some work done on the second Faux cable sock. I finished the first one in July just before we moved. I then used the needles to make a pair of socks during the Ravellenic games. I cast on the cuff and finished it but then the sock sat for over a month. I just didn't feel like following a pattern and wanted easy pieces to knit. Now that the weather is finally getting cooler, I really want to wear the socks so I've been motivated to finish them. I have two faux cable pattern repeats left to do and then a partial one and then the toe. 
Pattern can be found on ravelry. The original pattern calls for 3 faux cables down the front. I made a pair like that for my mom. I altered the pattern a bit this time to fit 8 faux cables around the leg and four down the top of the foot. 

I started this cardigan for a niece. This is the fourth one I've cast on for her, I frogged the other ones as they just didn't seem right. Think I am happy with this one. I have the back and left front done. I have the wrong side facing up so you can see that it isn't plain stockinette but has a slight ribbing. There are also pockets. I'd really like to get all the pieces finished by next Friday. This is a Christmas present.
Pattern is from the book: Easy Kids Knits by Claire Montgomerie. 

Tonight is also Friday Night Sew-In. I didn't participate last month as I didn't have anything ready to work on (except the quilt in the picture below that was basted but I didn't feel like quilting it). This week I ironed and cut out the above fabric and laid it out on the floor downstairs. Shouldn't take too long to sew this all together into a top. This is a gift for next month. 

And I need to finish this quilt. It has been basted for too long. I moved it basted and have done my best to keep it rolled up during the process. I unrolled it and it still looks fine. I just need to sit down and quilt it. This is also a gift.

If you'd like to join in Friday Night Sew-In, head over to Heidi's blog to sign-up. 


  1. Looks like you've been really busy! Love the aqua sweater! Nice socks, too.

  2. Nice job on all of these projects so far!


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