Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ravellenic Games Results

As of 7pm, the ravellenic games are over. This was my first time participating and it was fun and not fun all at the same time. I really like knitting and having to rush took some of the fun out of it. I had entered two events : Shawl Sailing and Sock Put. Here are my results.

It took 2 attempts, but I was able to finish the Aullwood shawl. The lace pattern is a little tricky and didn't work well with traveling or hanging out with kids in hotel rooms. After I did 11 rows, I made a mistake and trying to fix it, I dropped a stitch. I can fix a dropped stitch in stockinette but I'm not good enough yet to fix a dropped stitch in lace and I had to start over. I made another mistake my second time around but I kept going. The two lace repeats don't line up as they should but they are only off by 2 stitches and it isn't too noticeable. I was able to finish the short rows in less than a day. 

Here it is wrapped around my neck and the way I am most likely to wear it under my coat this winter.

It's pretty long and hard to get in the frame. I need to reblock it but a quick block was good enough for these pictures.

I was a toe away from finishing the Take a Hike Socks I was trying to make in the Sockput event. So close! If only I hadn't ate, or spent time with my family today. I finished the first sock yesterday afternoon and had 26 hours to finish the second. I should be able to finish it tonight while I watch the Closing ceremony.

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