Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fabric Choices

On my sister's blog the past couple weeks, she has gone through the steps of a quick table runner. It only required 2 fat quarters for the top and she mentioned the other day that she's going to make a second one to use as the back so it's a reversible table runner. You can find her posts about it here.

Well, I wanted to play along and either keep the table runner(s) for myself or give as Christmas gifts. I spent a little time last weekend going through the stash and setting aside several fabric combinations. Then Monday evening, I missed the last stair when I was going downstairs and ended up spraining my right ankle - my sewing ankle. Yesterday morning was the first time it felt a bit back to normal and today is even better; perhaps good enough to stand on for awhile, so I can iron and cut some fabrics. If only I could decide which fabric combinations to use! The actually piecing might have to wait a few days until my ankle is feeling better. So, here are my choices. Opinions welcome.

I couldn't get these fabrics to look right no matter where I took the pictures. The middle fabric would be  used as the complimentary fabric. What I can't decide is which fabric to use for the main fabric. I might have to go back to the stash for this one. They all look horrible together in this picture.

For this one, the sewing fabric would be the main fabric. I like the black with it but the beige/tan looks good too. It looks better in person.

I also grabbed this stack of fat quarters from my SIL. She gave me some beautiful fabrics a few years ago and I have finally been letting myself use them. Which 2 to use? I guess I could make more than one.

Then I found these 2 blues that kind of go with them as well. What to do? Any thoughts?

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  1. just wondering what you've been working on lately.. no blogging for a while. hope you all did good with the move!


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