Wednesday, March 14, 2012

QAL Switcheroo

I ended Monday's post with this photo of possible borders for the Oh My Stars QAL quilt top. Since I was thinking about one QAL, I got out the blocks for the Fat Quarter Stars QAL (FQSQAL) as well. I had 2 blocks left to make but looking at the 10 I had, I kind of fell out of love with the project. I had no desire to do the last two blocks and I didn't really want the finished quilt on a bed but on a wall. And while I looked at my two QAL's I noticed something...

... the yellow I was using for one looked good with the other. Here is the yellow that I had been using as the background for the FQSQAL beside the Oh My Stars quilt top. I like it. Debating on putting a square of space fabric in the corners - I think probably not. I cut these at 4 1/2 inches and I am hoping this will be enough of a border.

Closer look. There are dots in the yellow. 

And the orange I had been leaning towards for the Oh My Stars border is now the sashing for the FQSQAL top. I picked the first 9 and made a wall hanging. It is about 46 inches square right now. I don't think I will be adding another border. If I had made the last 2 blocks, I wouldn't have enough orange to sash them, so I'm glad I stopped at 10.

In the corners I used a green from the Frolic fabric line. I had used a brown and a white fat quarter from that line in some of the blocks. I really like the orange with these blocks. Brings out the orange in the fabrics used in some of the blocks. Going to use block #10 and some scraps to make a pieced backing. 

Our landlord is showing our house this afternoon and my tea is done. Time to get off the computer and clean-up.

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