Monday, March 12, 2012

One Thing, One Week Challenge #11

Last Monday I challenged myself to complete one knitted item and one quilt item. I needed to finish the cardigan for my mother, whose birthday is today - Happy Birthday Mom. And I wanted to finish piecing the blocks for the Oh My Stars QAL and perhaps start putting the quilt top together. I am happy to say I was able to complete both challenges. Go visit Amy's blog to see how everyone else did on their challenges.

I finished the cardigan Saturday night. It's brown yarn with flecks of colour in it, as requested. This is my third attempt. The first two had cables but the yarn didn't look good with cables and after a few inches I ripped out the stitches and started over. This is a plain cardigan and the free pattern can be found here. 

Side view. I think the length in the body will be okay for my mom. Personally I would like it a little longer. I'm afraid the arms will be too long for her, since they are just right on me and she's a bit smaller than me. 

I am happy to cross this off my list, but I'm not very happy with the cardigan. Mom, I've already put your name back on the cardigan queue and you'll be getting another one (no promises when though). 

My mom asked for no buttons, so here are the buttonless button bands which took a lot longer than I thought they were going to take.

But I thought if she wanted to keep it together a pin might work. 

Now onto my quilty challenge. I finished all the star blocks for the Oh My Stars QAL and put the quilt top together. By the time I was done yesterday it was too dark outside for pictures and it is too yucky outside this morning so crappy indoor pictures it is. Sorry. 

I am in love with this quilt. Here it is lying on our bed but it will soon be on my son's. I am also hoping to put this in our quilt guild's show next month if my son will let me. He doesn't want it to go.

I had to replace some of the stars with space fabric since I ran out of background fabric. I'm glad I did because I really like it.

Still need to add borders. Trying to decide which fabric to use. Any thoughts? 

I hope to decide on the borders this week and have them ready by Friday for this month's Friday Night Sew-In. Go to Heidi's blog to sign-up.


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  2. Gracious, that sweater is wonderful!! Your mom will be thrilled, I'm sure!! And your quilt top is looking great, too -- I like the orange for the border!!! :)

  3. i'm loving how your oh my stars qal has turned out!!!! makes me really want to work on my terrain one. i was doing good.. then got sick... ick. so glad nova will get to keep it for his bed! way too nice to sell/give away :)


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