Monday, November 14, 2011

In Progress

I started this scarf at the end of last week. It will be a Christmas gift. This is how far along I was Saturday morning when I pulled it out to work on while my daughter was doing gymnastics.

This is how long it is today. I finished the first skein and just started the second. It measures 26 inches so far. I have a third almost full skein of this yarn, so by the end it should be around 65 inches long. Plenty long for a man.

I love the colour pattern of this yarn. It is a simple knitting pattern. 10 rows of stockinette, followed by 4 rows of garter. 3 stitches on each end are worked in garter for the whole scarf. 

My mom asked for a pillowcase to match the Christmas Avalon quilt I gave her. Unfortunately I don't have any pieces big enough and I didn't want to piece to much (no one likes to sleep on seams), but I did have a big piece of this tartan fabric. It's a light flannel, I think. I think she'll still like it and she can use it year round, not just at Christmas.

Started quilting my November UFO, #3. I barely touched my October UFO (#5) - just ironed fabrics. This one is looking like it might end up being a finish!


  1. the scarf is fab! Such a simple design, but so effective with the yarn you're using. It's almost as if each colour is "boxed" off by the garter stitch rows


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