Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Playing with fabric - finally a QUILTING post

Finally home after a month visiting family in Canada. Didn't touch a sewing machine for a whole month! Only went in 1 quilt store (bought 2 fat quarters). Bought some fabric from a chain store to make new living room pillows for my mom, but didn't get them made. Brought the fabric back home with me... but they can wait for another day. I've had a Just Wing It and a Chrysalis layer cake waiting for me to play with them. So I pushed all the ufo's aside and played. It felt great.

First up is Just Wing It. This set has a lot of "solids" so I wanted to do something to set those off. Here is block 1. I played with the fabric in my bedroom since everyone else was in the living room.

2 more blocks.

Block 4 on my bed. (I mainly took these photos so I'd remember what fabrics I picked for each block in case they got mixed up).

I was able to get the first block made. With the four blocks it would be roughly 54 inches square. May decide they need sashing once I have all 4 completed. There will definitely be plenty of space to do some interesting quilting. My brain is already trying to decide what to do.

Got out the Chrysalis layer cake one evening after supper. It had been a frustrating meal (thanks to my son), so I asked my daughter if she wanted to play with me and the fabric. Her eyes lit up and my son and even my husband soon joined in, trying to figure out the best place for each square. I love this line and didn't want to cut it up, just a quick throw that I can lay under and enjoy looking at the fabrics. After the kids went to bed, I pieced the top and surprised them with it in the morning. It was really neat to see their minds working, trying to decide which block should go where and learning to look at the squares around it. By the end even my daughter was saying things like, "Oh, it can't go there. Then it would be too brown heavy in that corner."

Got out this thrifted tablecloth made from cheater fabric for the back. Unfortunately it was made for a circular table so I will need to add some fabric at every corner.

I am going to try and use the green fabric on the left to fill in the corners and the brown polka dot for the binding. Time to do some ironing and then quilt!

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