Monday, May 9, 2011

A Yarn of a Weekend

Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day yesterday. After dinner, it was knitting time - for the whole family. I taught my husband, retaught my daughter and my son... was interested.

My husband busy at work. He cast-on and then took apart his work many, many times. He is now several rows into his first piece (which I'll post later).

My son, thinking he had made a stitch. He helped for a little while, putting the yarn over. He then took over as photographer and had a lot more fun.

My daughter relearning how to knit.

The two of us. Sorry we don't look very happy - we were concentrating.

Had one yarn finish for this weekend. I spent Saturday sitting on the couch with the heating pad (and my back feels much better now), and I crocheted most of this bag. Ran out of yarn to do the last couple rows and headed over to Michael's on Sunday and finished it Sunday night.

Beautiful colours.  I couldn't resist when I saw this yarn a couple weeks ago and when I found the pattern for this bag - called, "Mother's Day Bag" - I decided to do it.

A project bag ready for summer. Holding some yarn for a project I hope to knit this summer.

I also started the Mystery Shawl done by Knitting Like Crazy. Here I am just a few rows in earlier this afternoon.

Was able to get a few more rows done before I had to stop and make supper.

And since I am already loving this shawl, a close-up is in order. Beginning of the Mystery Medallion. Hope to work on this a bit more tonight and tomorrow.

Oh, and the weekend wasn't just yarn. Stopped at JoAnn's and picked up a little fabric - 4 yards of each! I used a 50% off coupon for the fabric on the left and the fabric on the right was down to $2 a yard. Definitely not the best fabric but I loved it and can use it in projects for me.  No real plans for the "good" designer fabric on the left - but maybe a couple yards will be headed to my sister's house this summer. Maybe.

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  1. Wow... the whole family knitting.. how cool is that!?!?!


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