Friday, May 6, 2011

A Lazy Week

Don't really have much to show. This week has been pretty lazy - at least quilt wise. 

Last weekend Green Fairy Quilts had an order one and get one free sale. The free precut was a surprise. I ordered the Just WIng It, layer cake (my first layer cake, ever). Trying to decide what I want to make with it.

This is the charm pack I got for free. Not sure what I am going to do with it either. 

And since I hurt my back yesterday while packing, I have been doing a lot of sitting and knitting, I think my weekend is going to be full of sitting and knitting (with the heating pad of course). I have finished one lace section on the Traveling Woman shawl. Need to repeat it 3 more times, then a different lace section and it's basically done. Today was also the start of the Mystery Knit Along with Knitting Like Crazy. Another shawl - should help keep me busy this weekend. Hopefully next week I will be feeling better and able to get some quilting done. 

Thanks to everyone who has voted for my quilt in the McCall's Design Contest. You can click on the picture on my sidebar or here to go vote. Remember each computer can vote once a day, everyday, until voting closes on May 24th.

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