Monday, November 22, 2010


 After a disappointing Friday Night Sew-In (for me anyway), Saturday and Sunday made up for it. Here is the second mitten. I'm even further along now - I just finished the thumb gusset and have set those stitches aside to be completed later. It would be really nice to have these finished by tomorrow since we got more snow last night and so far, it has snowed all day.

 I also restarted the second market bag. I decided to use the same pattern as the first one I made. I'll show pictures once I am done both. I already have the gifts for inside.

 Put the binding on this baby blanket. Took pictures this morning and hope to have it listed in the etsy shop by this afternoon.

 Made a nice mess on my quilt table. In the top left corner are some small gifts, cut and ready to be sewn together. They should be done by the end of the week - I hope. What's that neat little stack in the middle?

 Mug rugs. I wasn't going to jump on the mug rug band wagon... but I came across the squares above. The half square triangle blocks were leftover from a project. I had cut them the wrong size but I wasn't about to get rid of them (especially since some of the fabrics were favourites). I had kept them in a sandwich baggie for the past year, wondering what to do with them. I refound them this weekend and thought - Hmmmm, there's enough here to make a mug rug. Needless to say I got hooked. I went and found all the little baggies holding squares and the triangles that are trimmed in the process of piecing some blocks and I made 15 mug rugs. They're a little addicting, aren't they? Hopefully I can get some quilted and in the etsy shop this week. I made mine in pairs since a cup of tea (or coffee) is always better with a friend.
Here are some "scrap" triangles sewn together into squares waiting to become yet another mug rug.

I finished this little birdie earlier this month but didn't post it. It is the result of just having some fun at the sewing machine one night. I really like it and debated whether I was going to sell it or keep it. I've enjoyed it for a couple weeks but I think I am going to put it in the shop too. Both the birdie and the baby quilt will be listed in the shop the next time I need to take a break from knitting the mitten. Time for lunch, then back to knit 2, purl 1. 

Hopefully this week can be as productive as the weekend was.

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  1. the little birdie is cute! i've also been sewing up mug rugs! ho ho ho:)


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