Monday, November 15, 2010

Finishes, in Progress and a Great Deal

 Two quick finishes from this weekend. These are gifts so you aren't going to get a full view. On the left is a washcloth and on the right is a tie. The tie was very quick and interesting. Think I will be making more washcloths in the future (quick and easy). I'd make more ties if more people I know wore them. Although, my husband says he would wear one if I made him one. We'll see.

 Third pair of socks done! There is debate in our house whether this yarn is purple and brown or blue and brown. I say blue and brown, the boys in the house say purple and brown (they both admit that close up they see a little blue).
 Don't you love the pattern the yarn makes?

 This is my favourite spot on every sock, the heel gusset. It's the hardest part but it feels and looks awesome.

 Instead of casting on a fourth pair of socks, I have started a pair of mittens for my husband. When he casually mentioned that the only gloves he wears were made by an ex-girlfriend  and maybe I could make him another pair, I found a pattern, bought some yarn and cast them on. Hopefully they will be done by the end of the month.

Making progress on a sweater for myself. I am about halfway done the back.

I've done a lot of tracing lately.

No. Seriously. A LOT of tracing.

 Here they are cut out and ironed onto the first fabric. I had an idea for something to sell in my etsy shop. Doesn't the pile of holiday fabric in the corner look wonderfully disorganized? I must be creating something cool with a mess that big. (there's more on the floor that I didn't take a picture of).

 Ended up at the Goodwill store yesterday trying to find gloves for my little guy. Didn't find any gloves but did find a bag of flannel fabric for $9.99. One piece of the above is a fat quarter, 2 are half yards and 2 are full yards.

 These were in the bag too. 2 are half yards, one is a yard and the other is 2 cuts equaling 1 1/2 yards. My guess is that someone bought the fabrics for a specific project and then decided not to (who hasn't done that).The green fabric at the bottom isn't flannel and is cut up a bit. Still a great deal.

 Oh, this set of coasters were in the bag too. They were a nice surprise when I took the fabric out of the bag once I got home. They don't really fit in our house but I think they may find themselves under the tree in a different house next month. There was a fifth coaster that didn't really match so I gave it to my daughter.

Also found this ribbon. The three on top are velvet on one side. The ric rac (second from the bottom) is red and white with gold glitter. Got each roll for between .49 and .99 cents. All in all a pretty good visit to Goodwill. Although we are still in search for those gloves (couldn't even find any at Wal-mart). Hopefully the snow will wait til we find some.

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