Thursday, May 27, 2010

More May Finishes

Yesterday my son was at preschool, my daughter was home sick on the couch. What's a girl to do? Quilt, quilt, quilt!

First finish was a bag for my niece whose birthday is next month. She is having a recycle themed birthday party so I thought a market/ library bag would be a good idea. The rest of her gift will go inside.

I think my mom bought me this fabric. It says, "Kids can make a world of difference" and the kids are saying ways they can help the environment.

Then I sewed a little something for myself. I've been wanting to make it for awhile. Here it is all rolled up...

... and here it is unrolled. Love the fabrics. There is fleece in the middle instead of batting, which I really like. I told my daughter we can share it since she is learning how to knit.

My last 3 finishes for this post. 3 sleeping bags for either Groovy girls or Barbies. My daughter has been eyeing the Groovy girl sleeping bag (close to $20) and I figure I could make that. Not very fancy, used polyester fleece I got in the remnant bin at JoAnn's. I thought of adding some embellishments but these were mainly prototypes. I'll have to take a picture with a doll inside. 2 of them will be given to my daughter for her birthday next week and one may go to a niece - if you'd like it Molly.

I also finished the bargello quilt yesterday - yes, FINISHED! Need to take pictures and then I can post it.

My daughter is feeling much better. It seems to be a 1 hour bug. Unfortunately, I feel it today so I am glad I got so much done yesterday. I am currently lying in bed trying not to be sick.


  1. Great projects, sis! I can't believe how many crochet hooks and knitting needles you have - and I still don't own any handmade socks!! Christmas hint hint hint! I'll show Molly the sleeping bags tonight. I'm sure she'll put in an order for more:)

  2. I love the fabric of the little bag! it's great for a child! And the case for knitting needles and crochets...I need to make one, I've been trying to make one for ages, hopefully soon...!

  3. It's molly! I love the sleeping bag aunt rachel! thanks!


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