Monday, September 9, 2013

A Non-knitting post

At the end of August we moved one town over. Not much of anything has been accomplished the past few weeks except packing and unpacking boxes and certainly no blogging, These pictures are from the middle of August. My brother and his family came to visit and I gave 3 of his 4 girls their birthday presents. The other daughter got her initial embroidery for her birthday in January.
All 3 together.

Close-up of the "B". Closer to the actual colour than in the first photo.

The other two.

I had also made one for my daughter's birthday in June but forgot to post it here.

And I have been knitting. Here are the broken stitch markers to prove it. Think I need to put these on my Christmas list again, although I really want to try and make my own.

I finished the Abilene cardigan on Friday and hope to get the buttons on and pictures posted this week.

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