Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What to do next

On Friday I finished the cardigan for my dad whose birthday is today - Happy Birthday Dad! I bought buttons on Saturday and put them on Sunday. My daughter then helped model it. A little big for her...

... but it seems to fit the two of us. 

Here it is, getting ready to be packed up. I know he'll receive this just in time for summer but when the weather cools this fall, I know he'll enjoy it.

I didn't have to buy another skein of the yarn so my yarn diet is still going strong. This is all I had left at the end - I should have put something beside it for scale but I can fit the leftover yarn in the palm of my hand and make a fist around it, so it isn't very much.

My crafting slowed on Sunday due to a wasp sting that caused my right arm to go completely numb. It was an interesting feeling and I woke up Monday morning with all the feeling back but the muscles really sore. Keeping it moving helped so I finished the last 16 of the blocks for Luke's quilt and got them all ironed.

I got the first 4 columns put together Monday and the last 4 yesterday. Just need to finish piecing the back, then I can start basting and quilting it. I had thought of doing something fancy but now I am leaning towards straight lines as the fabrics make the quilt feel really busy already.

I am also battling a strong case of Startitis with both quilts and knitting. There are about 4 quilts I would like to start NOW. I ironed the fabrics for one of them but not sure if I am going to let myself start it or not.

I did start this shawl as a thank you for one of the teachers. She has been teaching my daughter and a few other students old English dances 2 days a week after school, for free, for most of the school year. They had a performance on Saturday and have another one this Saturday. I think she deserves a little something. This is the Boneyard shawl that I have made once already

I used yarn overs for the increases this time which give the middle and sides these lines of holes. It's knitting up quickly. I just cast it on, on Monday.

Here is my UFO for May. I didn't even touch the one for April. (What happened to April by the way? How did it get to be May?) I have the middle section all quilted and I started adding the first side panel when I got frustrated with it last year and put it aside. I got it out yesterday, fixed what ticked me off and am committed to finishing it this month. If I finish this and Luke's quilt this month I will have 5 UFO's finished. I really don't need to start any more projects but there are a couple things I would like to make my daughter who turns 10 in a month (she requested a cardigan) and I have 2 nieces with birthdays in June that will need gifts as well. And somewhere in all these projects I would like to read a couple books and work on my own writing. The list of to-do's for May is making me feel exhausted. Maybe I'll go take a nap and then call my dad to wish him Happy Birthday instead.


  1. love Luke's quilt!! i totally have Start-itis too.. i am making up a list of my WIPs, and i just HAVE to finish some of the up this summer! they are starting to pile up.... but i still have so many new ones i want to start, lol. have to hold off, just a little bit! if i make another quilt with flying geese in it this year, please feel free to smack me. i'm drowning in flying geese!!!

  2. Despite being set on crossing UFOs off the list, startitis has hit here as well... must be spring or something.

    Love Luke's quilt... I would like to make one like this too!

  3. Lots of fun, happy projects here! Happy birthday to your dad -- my dad's birthday is today! Hugs and happies! :)


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