Wednesday, August 9, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Two Sweaters

I made progress on one WIP this week... and started another. Oops. I made no progress on my Hello, Hello shawl or Spero hat. Maybe this week? We're having a Muppet Movie Marathon today, so I hope to get lots of knitting done.

Here is my Branches and Buds sweater Monday morning. Finished the branches and divided the body and sleeves on the weekend.

Stretched out, the branches lay flat.

Here's where I am at today. Started the second skein of the cream colour. Still have several inches to knit so it is a great movie marathon knit.

And I needed something that worked up quick, so I started an Owlet for my youngest on Sunday. Did the first 6 inches in less than 2 hours. I made him an Owlet when he was little and he was sad when I told him it was too small. He picked out the blue yarn for this one. I already have yellow buttons for Owl eyes. He'll receive this sweater for Christmas.

Today I finished the body. Need to make two little sleeves, join them to the body and then I get to knit the owls. He's 4, but I'm making him a size 5/6 hoping it will fit him for a few years.

Figured out I have yarn for at least 5 more sweaters/ cardigans in my stash that I want to knit up this year - two of them are Christmas presents. And I need to buy yarn for at least one more sweater that will be a Christmas present. Guess I should get back to the Muppets and knitting.

What have you been working on this week?

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  1. Gosh, I just L O V E that sweater--I don't usually wear a wide U-type neck (and cause I don't have a "young neck" anymore--if you get my drift) I am wondering how it would look--maybe a turtle neck under? I think you are doing a super job on this...hugs, Julierose


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