Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Finishes - Cowls and a hat

Here are a few of my finishes from this month that I haven't shared yet. I've knit another 2 cowls. I think I now have enough to wear a different one each day of the week. Is that enough? I don't think so   either since I have several cowl patterns in my knitting queue. 

My Astrid cowl was adapted from the Astrid hat pattern I knit earlier this month. I used the same size needles as the hat and cast on 126 stitches. The ribbing is the same as the hat and I did 8 pattern repeats to get a height I liked. I then did 6 rows of ribbing so the ribbing at the bottom and top matched. 

After blocking, it still stands and keeps my neck and chin warm.

With the matching hat.

Side view. Now I have to wait for the weather to get cold enough to wear them. I like that they overlap in the back.

On September 30th, my friend and I went out to dinner to celebrate our September birthdays. We also exchanged presents and she gifted me this skein of yarn that she had bought on vacation this summer. I'm not sure what store she got this from. Sorry for the bad picture. When I got home after the dinner, I snapped a quick pic and then wound the yarn and cast on the pattern that the store owner included with the yarn. 

Of course it was for a cowl (knit within 36 hours of receiving the yarn). There wasn't quite enough yarn to complete the pattern but it's high enough. I even went down two needles sizes.

I think it was one pattern repeat short but you can't really tell. This is a post-blocking picture, so again I am happy with how much the cowl stands up. Helps keep me warm. 

Our three old, Floyd, is a little jealous of the Minecraft creeper hat I made his brother. So I said I would make him one. He asked for a rainbow hat with creepers. I adapted this pattern and gave it black creepers (even though they are green in the game) as that showed up the best. I changed the crown decrease since I wasn't going to add a pom-pom. And instead of making long ties that would be tied under his chin, I made shorter ties and added a snap. Creeper chart can be found here.

Happy boy wearing it to school this morning. It's a little big which means it should fit him all winter and maybe next year. 

Did you have any finishes this week?

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