Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A finish, a burn and some knitting

I finally did some sewing earlier this month and put together this cloth book for our little guy.

I think the Quail is one of my favourites. They are one of the few things I miss from our time in Idaho.

We had company last week and Floyd was given this knitted blanket. Thanks again Cathy. 

On Saturday July 6th, I burned my arm on the oven moving a lasagna to make room for some garlic bread. I took this picture the day after.

And I took another picture this Sunday, a week later. It is healing well. See the lovely pink rectangle around it? That would be my skin reacting to the bandage. Very itchy. I only wear band-aids to bed since the sheets rubbing the burn doesn't feel very nice, but it itches like crazy. Who thought I'd have a reaction to band-aids?

To keep my hands busy and not scratching my arm, I've been knitting. Making good progress on my July Camp Loopy project. I'm further than this now (picture taken on Sunday), I've done another 18 rows. Have about 80 rows to go.

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