Monday, May 20, 2013

Camp Loopy

I must be a little loopy as I signed up and bought yarn to participate in Camp Loopy this summer. I remember watching others do this last summer but it was too crazy with moving for me to commit. This summer... well, it will probably be a little crazier with a new baby, but I wanted to play along. The Loopy Ewe hosts this event. There is a new knitting challenge for June, July and August, and there are prizes involved. Of course, it's really a way for them to sell yarn although you can use yarn from your stash if it is one that they sell. However, if you buy yarn for all 3 projects and complete them in the time given, you will receive a free skein. You can read all the details here.

This is the yarn I bought for the first challenge which requires using at least 375yards of a lace or fingering yarn. Only 1 skein allowed for the project. I picked this yarn because those are my colours. I love green and purple together, especially when pregnancy hormones aren't making me buy every orange thing in sight. Anyway, I plan on making this scarf. It looks like a simple pattern to memorize and I'll just knit until I run out of yarn. The skein is over 400 yards, so as long as I get it done and a picture posted by July 1st, I'll have completed my first project. Don't know what the challenge will be for July and August yet, so I might only participate for June. Who knows.

I think a lot will depend on this little guy and if he becomes a good napper when his older siblings are home all day once school is done on June 13th.

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