Monday, March 4, 2013

Finishes and WIP's

Finished the pair of anklet socks for myself yesterday. 

I hope to make a few more pairs of these with some of my other leftover sock yarn.

This past week I finished a cardigan and 2 hats for the baby. These are newborn size. The bigger hat was made first. Followed the pattern and it finished huge. So I changed needle size and the amount of stitches cast on and ended up with the smaller hat.

Close-up of the cardigan. These are all knit with worsted weight yarn.

Can see the difference in hat size.

Finished the Labyrinth shawl (over a week ago?) and finally got it blocked. Ran out of yarn so I had to delete the final 2 rows. 

Still love the pattern and feel of the yarn.

My first lame attempts at self-photography. I kept meaning to ask my daughter to take pictures this weekend but forgot.

It's super soft and not too bulky.

Finished another initial embroidery for a niece. Need to iron, frame it and get it in the mail before her birthday later this month.

With all those finishes, I had to start something. A little something. Started a pair of socks for the little guy. I don't have enough of the green and orange to make a complete pair of each. Instead of doing one orange and one green sock I decided to do an orange sock with a green toe and a green sock with an orange toe. Made the first one in a couple hours last night. Now to make the green one.

Also cast on some grown-up socks. Another birthday gift which I really need to work on.

Made some progress on the baby's blanket. It now measures roughly 18 inches.

Not sure where I was the last time I posted a picture of the Herbstwald shawl but I have completed 4 repeats of chart A and 2 of chart B. Doing one more of chart B and then deciding if I will do more or move on to chart C. Each pattern repeat adds 48 stitches - I have enough yarn to continue for a while, but it's taking quite a bit of time to get through the 20 rows of each repeat.

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