Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Calliope's Quilt

Finished the dress quilt for Calliope just after midnight on May 30th, 32 hours before she opened it. It was nice to have it done so "early". She loved it. Now what to do with the rest of the Calliope fabric?

Decided to just use white thread to do free motion stippling around the dresses and not add any detail to the dresses. I picked the pattern to let the fabric be the main attraction and not the quilting. Think if I do this quilt again, I will add more detail to the dresses. I'd like to do it in paler, pastel colours. Maybe for a niece.

Close up of my favourite dress.

Hanging above her bed. A little longer than I expected but the border print was a large one so I decided to have the quilt be a little bigger than lose some of the fabric.


  1. i know a few nieces who would love quilts like that! especially a certain fashionable one :)


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